What is the intention behind our creative expression? Do we create to contribute or to accumulate, to give or to get? Consciousism is not limited to a specific style or time period, it is defined by the intention behind the work, the why.

Art is mainly categorised based on the manifested expression and the skilfulness of the artist. Which means that we can be mesmerised and glorify art with a negative message just because it is a beautiful production and that it can steal our attention. But does it have a positive impact on our lives? When we go beyond the visual expression and connect with the intention behind the art, that is where we find Consciousism; if it comes from a place of love and the desire to contribute then it is #Consciousism.

Artistic expression has a deep power. It transcends race, gender, borders and class. Whether you’re a CEO, a bishop, a gangster rapper or a school girl, on a primal level, we all understand it as an expression of the human condition. Art connects. Art affects. Equally, art serves to spread societal values. I am inspired by the fundamental impact that we, as artists, can have once we realise the potential of our gifts. We can encourage future generations to think beyond just wanting to be seen or being the best. Simply put, we can elevate humanity.

We live in amazing times. The world is waking up. Humanity is moving towards a more conscious, engaged state of mind. People everywhere are talking about a paradigm shift.

The ‘meaningful economy’, passionate millennials contributing rather than accumulating, the explosion of mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and all other practices that focus on the search for internal meaning and happiness. Together with increased corporate social responsibility programs and social entrepreneurship these are but a few examples of this change in traditional thinking. Compassion is a buzz word that is becoming globalised.

We are constantly connected to a world of information. Social media may have its critics but thanks to it we have the ability to create meaningful impact globally in a matter of seconds, an unfathomable feat even 15 years ago. It is up to us to ensure that nobody is left behind and to use the tools and the opportunity we’ve created, to connect the world. We artists got a beautiful opportunity to inspire humanity to become a greater version of it selves.

Let’s create the greatest piece of art ever done; World Peace
— Filip Agoo


There are no correct answers to the questions. Nor is there a correct set of actions to take when one has answered them. Just allow it be a tool for self reflection and an opportunity for personal growth. You can grade your lifestyle, work and creative expression, we are all artists directing the movie of our life. Try to be honest even if you feel that you are out of alignment, then ask yourself how you can adjust your life to become a force for positive change. 



what are we creating? why are we creating? where do our values come from & what values do we spread in the world with our creativity?

We come from nature and to nature we will return. Only for a few years we get to experience the magnificence of being a human, so let our life and creative expression elevate the world. Empower our fellow humans today and the people coming here 300 years from now, so we all can experience life to its fullest potential. We are all a part of the same source and universe, separation is just a human concept so let’s go beyond our societal paradigms and support each other instead of competing. 

Consciousism came to me when I searched for a way to relate to my creative expression. How can I grow my awareness so I contribute as much as possible. Consciousism gives me a tool to see if what I create benefits, not only me, but other people and the planet at large. My aim is to have a maximum positive and minimum negative footprint on the planet while I’m here.
— Filip Agoo