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Southern Cardemon REDD+ Project, Cambodia

The Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project spans 445,339 hectares in Cambodia's Koh Kong Province, showcasing a harmonious blend of environmental conservation and community upliftment. Orchestrated by Wildlife Alliance in collaboration with Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment, the project aims to curb illegal logging and poaching while protecting species like the Germain's silver langur and Sunda pangolin, alongside promoting sustainable agriculture tailored to local needs.


Central to its mission is tackling deforestation and biodiversity loss by implementing emission reduction strategies from deforestation, thereby addressing climate challenges and fostering a sustainable financial model through carbon credit sales. This initiative has significantly lowered deforestation rates, aiding wildlife recovery, including the Asian elephant.


The initiative’s community engagement emphasizes sustainable livelihoods and ecotourism, benefiting 29,000 villagers across 15 communities, ensuring both ecological integrity and community well-being.


My Journey

My personal experience within this remarkable landscape brought me into close contact with its vibrant ecosystems and communities. Hiking with monks who initiate trees into monastic life to protect them from loggers, witnessing traditional fishing methods, and camping in the mountains offered profound insights into the harmony between humans and nature. Documenting the life of rangers combating illegal logging, alongside capturing the biodiversity team's efforts and the local community's transition towards modern lifestyles, underscored the project's significance and the urgent need for its continuous support.

For more information you can visit Wildlife Alliance and Everland

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