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Serengeti National Park

One morning during an expedition led by Johan Ernst Nilsson in Tanzania, I experienced a moment of awe just 20 meters away from a majestic lion couple. It was a cloudy morning, just after sunrise, at a large rock where a lion and lioness overlooking the savanna. In a serene moment, the lioness, began walking toward the lion, with an intense eye contact. Their connection was so beautiful to witness, almost sending shivers down my spine. As she drew closer, she gently brushed her cheek against his, a tender gesture signalling her desires. He, hypnotised by presence, followed her blindly.

I followed in my car, to witness this intimate moment unfold. When I neared, the lioness snarled, as if to say, 'You've captured your dream shot, now please give us our privacy.' Respecting her wish, I instructed my driver to move on. This encounter was a magical, rare moment of perfection in nature, leaving me grateful to this day.

Johan Ernst Nilsson

Johan Ernst Nilsson, a Swedish adventurer and passionate environmentalist, has made significant strides in raising awareness and funds for rewilding our planet. Born on August 4, 1969, Johan's expeditions, spanning over 60 across 179 countries, have not only been adventures but also missions for environmental advocacy. Through his unique expeditions, auctioned to support various environmental organizations, he has contributed millions of dollars to crucial causes. Known for his emphasis on environmental and climate-related issues, Johan's work extends from documenting Indigenous Peoples and nature in unexplored territories to collaborating with organizations like WildAid and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. His dedication to conservation and awareness makes him a distinguished figure in the realm of environmental activism.

Not a walk in the park

Not a Walk in the Park" is an initiative by Johan Ernst Nilsson to shed light on the rapid loss of wildlife on our planet and raise awareness and funds for environmental causes. This particular expedition entailed a challenging 400 km walk through the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, undertaken in just 14 days. During the trek, which involved walking 8-10 hours daily under the harsh African sun, the team encountered the devastating realities of poaching. They collected hundreds of snares set by poachers and witnessed the aftermath of poached elephants, brutally killed for their tusks. This expedition was not only a physical endeavor but also an eye-opening experience highlighting the urgent need to combat poaching and preserve wildlife. The journey was a response to the shooting of the famous lion Cecil, aiming to raise awareness about the plight of wildlife due to human activities. As a photographer on this expedition, I documented both the beauty of nature and the beast of greed killing animals for pure ego boosts. 

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