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Maasai Tribe, Tanzania

My first experience staying with indigenous people was with the Maasai's in Tanzania, 2015. I had a week to spare after a production in Serengeti National Park and I was put in contact with Baraka, the chief in a Maasai tribe. He welcomed me with open arms and gave me his bed in his boma, or house. I learned so much from their way of living and was amazed over the tranquility of life and the community feeling. 

Life in the boma

I quickly formed a strong bond with Baraka, the chief, and we continue to stay in touch regularly. To support their community, I provided photographs for their website, helping to showcase their way of life and invite others to experience their culture. There's much to be learned from their deep sense of community and harmonious living with nature. Here are some images from the production and my time spent with these remarkable individuals.

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