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Northen Plains REDD+ project

The Northern Plains REDD+ Project in Cambodia spans 209,462 hectares, led by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to protect the area's ecosystems and the endangered Giant Ibis. It addresses biodiversity loss by implementing strategies to reduce deforestation and degradation, promoting sustainable livelihoods among local and Indigenous communities. This initiative showcases an innovative conservation finance model through carbon credit sales, aiming to offset over 25 million metric tons of carbon emissions over 30 years.

The images from my 10-day visit reveal the project's efforts and the challenges from population growth and environmental threats, emphasizing the importance of continued support for preserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable livelihoods. Capturing scenes of dense forests, community lands, children's tree planting initiatives, patrolling rangers, and indigenous peoples' spiritual traditions, these photographs highlight the critical need for ongoing support.

The project illustrates a future where conservation and traditional lifestyles coexist, underscoring the role of local communities as forest guardians. This harmonious blend of efforts aims for a future where humans and nature thrive together, making community support integral to conservation success.

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