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Human Alphabet

After years of working as a commercial photographer, I started to ponder if I could create a communications campaign for happiness that benefits children. This sparked the idea of the Human Alphabet.

The Human Alphabet is a collaboration that has united thousands of children across the globe in a unique artistic co-creation. Alongside my team, I've photographed one letter per country, each shaped by approximately 500 children in each letter. So far, we have co-created 10 letters, bringing together over 4,000 children from 10 countries across four continents. The art created is more than just visual; it's a vehicle for "Kids Empowering Kids," with sales directly funding future art festivals and enabling more children to co-create art in nature.

The Human Alphabet project was launched by ABC Charity, a Swedish non-profit initiated by myself. ABC Charity is about to undergo an exciting transformation. In 2024, it will evolve into Happy Hearts, a Swedish registered foundation. 

Happy Hearts is dedicated to empowering children through "the flow of happiness," a scientifically supported framework that nurtures well-being through art and nature. The Human Alphabet, at the heart of our mission, will continue to inspire and contribute under this new umbrella.

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A - South Africa 

Letter A with 490 Children

B - Nambia

Letter B with 500 Children

C - Sweden

Letter C with 540 children

D - Germany

Letter D with 440 Children

E -  Dominican Republic

Letter E with 500 children

F -  Croatia

Letter F with 330 children

G - Thailand

Letter G with 500 children

H - Norway

Letter H with 390 children

I - India

Letter I with 432 children

J - Sri Lanka

Letter J with 500 children

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