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I specialise in portraits and capture anything from the chiefs in rainforests to high-profile celebrities, lions and impactful brand campaigns. 

With the ability to manage the complete production from significant communications or advertising campaigns to expeditions far of the beaten track, I bring together specialized teams for any project. This ensures that every production not only captures a moment but tells a compelling story, resonating with the values of the brands I work with.

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Photo Art

For me, honouring the subject is very important, so I split profits from my photo 50/50 with the individuals or organisations involved.


Sometimes, subjects opt to donate their share of the profits to organizations dear to their hearts, or I allocate half the collection directly to the organizations I collaborate with for their own fundraising efforts. This flexibility supports auctioning items for funds, selling through their channels, or gifting them to major donors.


Each print is signed and part of a limited edition. 

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing art.

Speaking Engagements  

Driven by a passion to share, I weave visuals and stories from my global experiences with insights from science and research, focusing on happiness, values, and personal development.

Each presentation is customized for the audience, covering topics from sustainable business transformations and global impact to uplifting narratives from my travels. Whether it's a short, impactful talk to energise a seminar or an in-depth keynote, the goal is to inspire hope and motivation.

As a certified mindfulness instructor, I also conduct purpose and value workshops that foster self-discovery and strengthen team bonds.

To further enrich events, I offer exhibitions of my photographic work, infusing the venue with additional layers of inspiration and impact.

My greatest passion lies in inspiring children. Visiting schools to share stories, pictures, videos, and conducting creative workshops, I ignite curiosity and collaborate creatively with the next generation.

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