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My journey into impact photography

These days I am dedicated to using my art and voice to create the change I want to see in the world. For nearly 30 years, I've embarked on a journey guided by the lens of my camera. It has taken me to many places and shown me multiple layers of life, connected me with people from various paths, and created lifelong friends. I am humbly grateful for this journey that is continuously unfolding.


I started my career creating glossy pictures and eye-catching advertising art. However, in my early thirties, a period of deep introspection led me to a pivotal realization: my creativity could be a force for positive change. I shifted my sources of information away from the distractions of mainstream entertainment, towards personal development, biology, philosophy, sustainability, ancient wisdom, health, psychology, natural sciences and so forth. As a result, the way I thought changed, and therefore my creative expression changed. As I found new role models to inspire me, I developed new habits, and a new version of myself began to emerge. This led me to prioritize projects that benefit children's well-being, protect our planet, or simply spread joy and happiness. I call that Impact Photography. 


Today, I strive for balance and harmony, often easier said than done. My goal is to live by an 80/20 rule, where I try to live 80% according to my values but allow myself some imperfection. I do my best and forgive myself when necessary. I cherish life's simple joys while aiming for impactful change and constant personal growth.


Grateful for the countless collaborators, mentors, and communities who inspire, challenge, and shape my journey. I'm constantly reminded we're all part of a larger picture, interconnected and enriched by our shared experiences and stories.

The Human Alphabet

The Human Alphabet is the culmination of my dream to spark change through art and happiness. Borne from countless hours pondering how to craft an advertising campaign for happiness that benefits children all over the world.

I believe that we are here to bring happiness to each other, and that is the essence of the Human Alphabet. It represents local and global happiness, where children connect with others at art festivals, co-create art, and then contribute their creations. These artworks are sold, funding the opportunity for more children in different countries to engage in this beautiful cycle of connection, co-creation, and contribution. 

This celebration of creativity and kindness not only contributes to others' happiness, but weaves a tapestry of giving for future generations. Fuelled by gratitude to the once who came before and honoured to empowering those yet to come.

This journey isn't just about creating art; it's about instilling hope, spreading kindness, and nurturing a sense of global responsibility. It's about realising the profound truth that helping others enriches our own lives with meaning and joy. Research has consistently shown that acts of altruism and kindness bring deep satisfaction and a sense of purpose, resonating across cultures and communities.

The Human Alphabet is a grand mosaic of random acts of kindness, each letter a testament to the power of collective action, aming to echo for centuries touching lives we will never meet. It captures the very essence of 'Kids Empowering Kids.'

"When kindness ripples from me, happiness flows within me."


Since childhood, the rainforests, wildlife, and the profound wisdom of indigenous cultures have captivated me. I dreamed of one day going and partaking in the protection of these ecosystems.

Driven by this purpose, I sought collaborations with environmental organizations that highlight the critical issues facing our planet's most precious habitats. These partnerships have enabled me to contribute to the narrative of conservation and amplify the voices of those who live in harmony with the Earth. Together, we work to ensure the survival of these ecosystems and the continuation of traditional wisdom for future generations.

The guardians of these diverse environments teach us about resilience, interconnectivity, and the delicate balance of life—a universal message I'm committed to sharing with the world. My aim is to do more than capture the beauty of nature; I strive to spotlight the urgent need for its preservation and celebrate the invaluable lessons offered by indigenous cultures across the globe.

Advertising Art

Colors and contrast have always fueled my passion, evident in both my personal life and my photographic work. Early in my career, I was drawn to creating vibrant, pop-inspired imagery. This journey allowed me to collaborate with extraordinary talents who had mastered their crafts. Each photograph is a dual portrait, of the subject and myself, a reflection of us both at a specific point in time. Pictures freeze the moment, and as we evolve, they become memories of who we were and the journey of personal growth we've undertaken since.

Alongside my brother Peter, I co-founded YAYA Creative, a comprehensive production company, between 2004-2010. Together, we produced advertising art for international brands like Red Bull, Ernst & Young, Cross Sportswear, and Oriflame. We worked with renowned Swedish and international musicians, artists, and celebrities, producing images that captivate and engage audiences. Our approach was holistic, managing every project phase from concept development to the final product, often working directly with clients to ensure their vision was realized to the fullest.

Rooted in Nature

My journey began amidst the serene landscapes of a farm in Skåne, southern Sweden. There, nestled among nature, I often slept on the cows after my father finished milking them. The memory of their gentle breathing, swaying me softly, and their warmth providing cozy comfort, remains vividly etched in my mind. Growing up free-spirit in nature and forming close bonds with animals has become a treasured part of my upbringing. These early experiences have drawn me back to nature in my later years, igniting a deep-seated desire to dedicate my life to preservation and protection of our planet.

With the stars as my ceiling

With the starts as my ceiling I embrace the light that has traveled for millions of years across our universe.

For me, there is no better feeling than to fall a sleep with open eyes, far from the light, sound and air pollution of the cities, where the air is fresh. I feel my whole central nervous system calming down. Nature comes alive within and I can experience a magical connection by just breathing consciously. I've slept more than a year of my life under bare sky and I continue deepen this connection whenever the opportunity arises. 

Sure, there are times when rain pours down, and mosquitoes are having a feast on me, but that’s nothing compared to the awe of expanding my ceiling from a mere three meters to the boundless infinity of the universe.

Cycle of life

The more I reflect on the cycle of life, the closer I get to a sense of well-being and happiness, rooted in gratitude for life itself. Spending time with a Shiva Monk in Cambodia, who lived beneath a waterfall, gave me some good insights. He spent his days observing nature, and said that as soon as you become quiet and still, nature reveals its wonders; animals approach, driven by curiosity and without fear. After meditating together for a while, he gifted me a Shiva stick that he had carved himself.

"I believe we are here to give life to life. Our actions will either create or take life."

"When I appreciate everything, I don't need anything."

"The magic is always present when I am." 

"Nothing has held me back more than my fear of being judged"

"The less I need to be happy,
The more I have."

"Comparison is the thief of joy."

"When I realize that there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to me."

"As I grow older, I understand the power of the word. Therefore I practice awareness, so I can consciously choose when to break the moment. Ensuring that I bring flowers to the table."

"Nothing has held me back more than my fear of being judged"

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