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Everland is a dear client of mine – making huge efforts to rewild the world and save trees standing up.  Check out what is going on as we speak:



"So amazing and sad at the same time. My recent trips to Congo, Kenya and Cambodia’s deep forests have shown me both the magical life that exists in these forests, and all the obvious evidence that we, the humans, destroy them at a pace beyond comprehension.

My job as an “impact photographer” has taken on a deeper meaning than what I so far have understood. What I have seen must be shown to more people. It is my contribution for change here and now. Those who really know how the forests and the wildlife are protected are the ones who have lived there the longest - the indigenous people. They have lived in harmony with nature for thousands of years. We in the modern world have totally lost touch with what life gives us. We are cutting the branch all life forms are sitting on.

I quote David Attenborough’s call “Rewild the world”. That means support those who live in the forests to teach the rest of us how to use these resources smarter. We who do not live there must really rethink and change our lifestyles.

All efforts are needed. The REDD+ projects that I have portrayed since 2019 are, as far as I understand it, the “compensation program” that best can turn the local development around. By direct financial support to the indigenous people and local communities. By economical, legal and long-term support via carbon compensation funds, and by implementing a higher value on every tree alive, rather than sawn down or burned for farming.


Not two REDD+ projects I have seen are alike, because it is the people who live there who ultimately decide what the money will be used for."

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