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Wisdom is a blessing.

There is so much more out there to do. To learn. To see. And so many more interesting people to meet. I must admit that collecting memories together with great individuals has developed in to something like an obsession.

I met Archbishop Desmund Tutu in 2012. We were going to do the first letter in the worlds first human alphabet. In Cape Town, on a beach with some 500 kids from the suburbs. The Amy Bielhl Foundation supported us with 90 kids for the photo shoot. Desmund Tutu supported Amy Biehl. Yadayadayada... suddenly we were invited to Desmund's daily 9.30 tea break. Those were magic moments. They filled me with so much energy and inspiration that I can still feel them today. His generosity was wonderful, his sense of humour fantastic and his wisdom a blessing to carry onward in life. It is really a strong evidence of the thesis that great memories are more resilient than money. They will always be there, even after the money is gone.


Another person that means alot to me is the singer Deva Primal. Her music and kindness hit me at a time in my life when I realised what the role of being a father, is closer at hand than what I had experienced earlier.

Under the surface.

Looking back at my career as a photograper I regret nothing. But I came to a point when retouching pimples on beautiful celebrities, selling sugar to kids and charging clients for making real things look fake, did hit the wall. What I still bring with me though, are the memories with all the wonderful and crazy people I had the fortunate opportunity to meet. You know, behind every pimple there is an individual and a life story. I am grateful for every one of them, and every conversation I was invited to inbetween those photo sessions.

So, thank you all of you who came to our studio YAYA Creative and shared so much of yourself in front of our cameras. And all of you who invited me to come and portray you elsewhere. I hope I made at least a fraction of an as amazing impression on you, as what you did on me.


Check out some of the people below or the people portrayed on YAYA Creative.

People Bank:

Please scroll down and find a random collection of images and stories from some of the people I have met throughout the years. I hope to meet more and I will for sure add more of the ones I've met, and more of the ones I'll meet along the way to come:

Michelle Obama

By the way, a friend of mine once said: "I ditched the traditional bucket list and listed names of inspiring people I want to meet instead" Sure, why go bungy jumping when you're 100? The people idea makes more sense. I've copied it and you'll find the names I have in mind so far here:


Inspirational people I want to hang with and learn from:

Greta, Friday's For Future

– Michelle and Barack Obama

– Marianne Williamson, author

– Jeremy Gilley, Peace One Day

– Jim Carey, actor and comedian

– Tom Shadyac, director

– Tony Robbins, life coach

– Lady Gaga, singer

– Dalai Lama, spiritual leder

– Sadhguru, yoga guru

– Ekhart Tolle, self help author

– Ken Wilber, Integral theory

– Michael Roach, Diamond Cutter

– Eddie JAku, Happies Man Alive

– Pope Francis

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