Back in 2010 I created my first human Peace Sign, inspired by the organization Peace One Day and its founder Jeremy Gilley. After having made the first one on the island Gotland in Sweden, with some 500 local children, I was blown away by the response. And the energy created – with, around and by all these happy kids.


I could not stay away from the idea to continue, but rather expand the idea and create the world's first human alphabet. An art and co-creation charity project for kids all around the world. Twenty-six letters with hundreds of hilarious and playful kids on spectacular sites on six continents. Of course. Just gotta do it.


So, together with kids from Cape Town we started that new journey. We drove them to a beach and the idea was to have fun and to make them feel seen. That they were part of something larger. That they were changing the world. That they were part of the co-creation of a great image of the letter A. An image that would be sold as art and generate money for them and other kids.


490 kids on a beach outside of Cape Town in South Africa. Many of them from the suburb areas, some of them experiencing for the first time ever to set their foot on a beach. Despite that there are several beaches like this one, surrounding their community.

Ten years of hard work and ten letters completed is a proof-of-concept enough to expand the idea and project into its full potential. We are now taking new measures by inviting new global partners to participate. We are grateful for the ones we have of course, but the opportunities and potential are so much larger than us and what we have created so far. An educational curriculum about happiness is being drafted as you read this. It is based on our three pillars: Artistic expression, co-creation and kindness. A foundation is set to be registered in Sweden, a team is being recruited, letter event activities are being planned for and partnersips opportunities for the world's first human alphabet are out for grabs. 

Join us, you simply have everything to win.


Link to the ABC Charity website and webshop.