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Johan invited me to cover his project Not a Walk in The Park in 2015. The project was one of his many spectacular adventures. This one created to shed light on the illegal hunting of animals in Africa. The idea was simply to walk 400 kilometers through the Serengeti National Park and experience wildlife as live as it is, and raise awareness by being there and sharing the experience.

So, we got some good boots and went walking. Fantastic. But we also saw some nasty scenes along our walks - slaughtered elephants for the reason of high demands of ivory. A 4-6 ton animal, killed and the ivory cut out with a chain saw. Like dumping a big shark into the ocean once one single fin is cut off.

Not a pleasant thing to see, but important to document and expose. And rewarding to learn more about. In order to understand more about the conditions and stand up for the changes that must happen around the world. But hey, we also witnessed extreme beauty and the life on a savannah in its pure essence. The hours when the sun came and left was exhilarating. The closeness to the animals unbelievable (yes we had rangers with us). We were also introduced to great examples of wildlife preservation projects.


That same year, Johan invited me up to cover a company adventure on Svalbard, north of the Norwegian coast. The Solar Eclipse trip back in 2015. Click the links and you can read more about these two adventures with Johan, and get a glimpse of some of the sceneries captured in my cameras.

I admire Johan for his drive to arrange so many spectacular adventures for the sake of good purposes, and as calls for change. Anybody devoted to work for changes for the better inspires me.

Thank you Johan!


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