Connect with nature

Connecting with nature is a strong calling inside of me these days, I truly feel that I need to simplify my live. I have always had a dream to only own what I can carry and live like the native people. They are such a role models, living in harmony with nature not taking more than they need, always keeping in mind the people coming to the planet 7 generations from now. It is so hard to let go, but I am so close now, I still have some things in a storage and the strings to them are seriously strong, but I will make it this time, all I’ll keep is my picture archive digital and physical.


Positive footprint

Living with the Masai Tribe was the greatest lesson of all. To experience their happiness and the stress free lifestyle they lived was so inspiring. No alarm clocks and no stress except the one from the modern world. Naturally they have no negativ impact on the land they live, how inspiring isn’t that, I would love to be able to say that as a Swede “in my footprints flowers are blooming”. So to make up for what I dirty down in 2019, I will compensate for more than my carbon footprint.


The human alphabet & ABC Charity

My mission in life, or at least one of the major once, is to photograph the first ever human alphabet with thousands of kids around the world. Together with wife I create empowerment events during which I photograph the letters, one letter per country with about 500 kids in each letter. The aim is to empower kids to become positive change makers, giving them a memory of a lifetime, while experiencing that “Kind is the new Cool”. The letters are sold by the non-profit ABC Charity and the money goes to kids education and well being “Kids Helping Kids”.


“Create The Change” interview series.

I will portray people and share their thoughts of how artists can use their art and creativity to elevate the world. I will share as many perspectives as possible creating a “mix tape” with ancient wisdom, modern science, creative brilliance, and the worldproblemsolving thoughts of everyday people like you and me.


Simple living

Starting from Sweden on a bicycle, with not to much of a plan, except to complete the alphabet, interview and portray people, make my way around the planet. and say yes to life and the opportunities coming my way. I’ll bring camera gear, tent, sleeping bag, computer, speaker, some clothes, a guitar, pictures of my wife and family and a toothbrush, that’s pretty much it. I will bring my bike all around the world however I will allow myself to hitchhike, sail, take trains or buy a van, if needed, to keep up the production speed of “The Human Alphabet”. I will live in nature as much as possible, I have slept more than a year under bare sky and there is no better sealing, than a crystal clear sky full of stars.