Tanzania Wild Life

Together with Johan Ernst Nilson, one of the world’s most experienced explorers, I walked 400 km through the Serengeti nature reservation in Tanzania. The “Not A Walk In The Park” initiative was founded by Johan to create awareness around poaching and raise money to protect wildlife. I was invited to take pictures that are sold to support the rangers in Tanzania. 

Being in close proximity to these majestic animals, feeling the balanced eco-system in which they thrive in perfect harmony with each other was majestic. One animal’s death is another’s survival. I was amazed by how unafraid the zebras and other animals were of predators. They often roamed just a few meters from the lions and sometimes a zebra was caught and eaten, yet they seemed to have no concerns. Nature was just doing its job.  


What have we become?

Throughout the walk we were accompanied by three armed rangers, not to defend us against the wildlife, but against the poachers who they said would attack if they saw us. During the walk we saw 3 poached elephants, whose heads had been cut off with chainsaw to get access to their tusks and the elephants were left on the ground to rot in solitude. It was heartbreaking to experience. One very important question came to my mind; how have we, the human race, become so caught up in our egos, become so greedy and needy for exotic materials that we have completely abolished any sort of boundaries for what it costs the environment, the animals and future generations? What can we all do to stop this madness and to protect the outstanding beauty that nature has created.