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Our dear yogi friends Petros Haffenrichter and Visvambhar Sheth arrange yoga voyages and retreats all over the world. We joined them in Ganga, India, with the idea to experience a full on yoga retreat together with inspirational guides and teachers, while possibly capturing some of the journey's unfolding moments with my camera. Images that possibly could be useful when describing their projects and invitations in times to come for their company Yoga Travel & Beyond.


But traveling to India doesn't make a Scandinavian photographer settle with just a few images. No no, this colorful country, with its beautiful people and rich culture offers an endless palette of photo opportunities. Oh my, you should see the folder on my hard drive... cutting this story's slideshow down to 21 images was not an easy task...

The journey was also an inner experience for me, and the images I keep in my heart are far more than 21.


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