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I happened to help a guy one day and his name was Bingo Rimer. He was a famous photographer and before I knew it, I was his photo assistant, thrown into the world of creating spectacular images of celebrities and beautiful women. And some good-looking men. It shaped the beginning of my career as a photographer.


A few years later, my brother and I started our own photo studio and named it YAYA Creative. Hundreds of square meters in a former factory building turned into our studio, living room, kitchen and party chamber for 7 years. My brother was the businessman, I was the photo artist and workaholic.


Bingo had the kindness to serve us with some of his clients. Celebrities walked in the door and so did art directors from high prestige advertising agencies from far away and around the corner. They kept us busy. We worked hard. We had fun. In 2010 I sold the company and went onto new adventures…


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