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SKY 108


This is an idea that popped up when I was questioning my life, my values and my purpose. It was on a summer day. I decided to lay down on my back in the grass and just look up into the sky and do some deep breathing. And think about my path up front. In my hand I happened to hold onto a mala with 108 bits. One by one I took a deep breath counting 108 times. I was surprised, it was such an exhilarating experience. Then one thing led to another and a concept was designed with "breath-shops" (instead of work-shops) with invited friends a few times. They loved it. We also drafted some ideas on good looking malas.

Well, it is still under development and one day we will have a release party for this iproject as well, haha.

In the meantime I encourage you to try the simple idea of laying on your back, grounded onto the Earth and look up into the sky and take deep breaths. In its root, it is not more complicated than that.



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