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Navigio is a dear client from many years back. I was asssigned to take photos of an internal event, "a conference", and we were at a beautiful site in the Stockholm archipelago surroundings. I came up with the idea to make it a conference "in the water". Boom! A few hours later the entire staff was dressed for success and dipped. We had a great time and those images were being used as marketing material that summer.

What we didn't know then was that this was to become a great company culture idea and concept. For years. We have renewed the yearly water photo shoot and the framed images on the walls at their office have by now turned into a Navigio Brand Parade. It is an ice-breaker in any conversation - with any clients, new reqruits or contractors. At meetings or when they are walking over the doorstep into the office. The excitement for the upcoming water conference is always on top and the employees are sharing the dripping results within their circles and on social media. Noone is happier than me for this unexpected branding bonanza.


I can't wait to shoot the one coming up next...

Thank you all Navigio dippers, you are an amazing team!


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