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Cycle of life

"The more I contemplate the cycle of life, the closer I feel to a sense of well-being and happiness, deeply rooted in gratitude for life itself. Hanging out with the Shiva Monk in Cambodia, who called a cave by the waterfall his home, totally inspired me. He dedicated his days to observing nature, emphasizing that when one becomes calm and still, nature reveals its wonders. Animals approach fearlessly, driven by curiosity. After a peaceful meditation session, he graciously gifted me with his personally carved Shiva stick. The most precious gift I ever been gifted by a person I just met."

With the stars as my ceiling

"With the starts as my ceiling I embrace the light that has traveled for millions of years across our universe.

There is no better feeling than to fall a sleep with open eyes. Far from light and sound pollution the air is fresh and I can feel how my whole central nervous system calms down. Nature comes alive within and I can experience a magical connection by just breathing consciously. 

Sure, there are times when rain pours down, and mosquitoes having a feast on me, but that’s nothing  compared to the awe of expanding my ceiling from a mere three meters to the boundless infinity of the universe."

My voice

"I am dedicated to using my voice to create the change I want to see in the world. For nearly 30 years, I've embarked on a journey guided by the lens of my camera. It has taken me many place, and showed me multiple layers of life.
I started of my carer being a cog in the wheel of consumption making advertising art that captured people attention, with the sole purpose of selling a product, service or idea.
However, in my early thirties, I chose a different path. Since then, I've devoted the majority of my time to creating art that contributes to the happiness of all, and a more sustainable future.” 

Advertising Art

"Colors and contrast has always been my passion, both in life and in my pictures. At the start of my career, I reveled in crafting vibrant and pop-inspired images. However, as my work began gracing the covers of glossy magazines, I couldn't help but notice the jarring contrast with headlines on the newspapers next to the mags. Increasing depression, suicide rates, and anorexia among youth was the latest news, over and over again. This realisation struck a chord with me. It became clear that my art was inadvertently perpetuating superficial values in society. This sparked a growing desire within me to make a difference. Could I perhaps create an advertising campaign centered around 'kindness,' one that supports children rather than shareholders? This question gave birth to the 'Human Alphabet' project and Happy Hearts."

The Human Alphabet

The first ever human alphabet co-created with thousands of children around the world. I photograph one letter per country together with about 500 children in each. The letters are sold as photo art enabling more children to partake in the art festivals and co-create with each other. "Kids Empowering Kids".

The organisation originally started as ABC Charity and are being relaunched as Happy Hearts during 2024. The Human Alphabet is part of an "Art & Kindness Curriculum" for children, teaching the science of happiness and emotional intelligence through art and connection to nature. 

Connect - Co-create - Contribute.

The little me

"My journey began amidst the serene landscapes of a farm in southern Sweden. There, nestled among nature, I often slept on the cows after my father finished milking them. The memory of their gentle breathing, swaying me softly, and their warmth providing cozy comfort, remains vividly etched in my heart. Growing up free-spirited in nature and forming close bonds with animals has become a treasured part of my upbringing. These early experiences have drawn me back to nature in my later years, igniting a deep-seated desire to dedicate my life to preservation and protection of our planet.”

"I believe we are here to give life to life. Our actions will either create or take life."

"The magic is always
present when I am." 

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