It is an honour to have photographed so many talented people over the years. Artists are true role models in the world, some better than other but they all have the capacity to connect and inspire people. I remember when working a lot with Swedish artists, I always asked then to show me who they looked up to. 90% of the time it was artists from the the billboard list. Then when I lived at an orphanage in the township Langa outside Cape Town, where 13 kids shared two bunk beds. Above the bed the kids had posters with gangster rappers from the billboard list on the wall and when I asked them what their dreams were they said "a Ferrari". Them I thought to myself "haven't we gone rather of track when kids with barely no food dream about Ferrari's and look up to gangster rappers?". I then realised, that if we are to change the world, all we need to do is to inspire the top 100 on the billboard list and the world will follow. This realisation made me come up with #Consciousism, create to contribute. Below you see some of my favorit artist pics.


Universal Music

Fantastic Four
Love Generation
Ola Svensson / Brother Leo
Vincent Pontare


Warner Music

Argavane Agida E
Henrik Orwander


Family Tree

September / Petra Marklund

Marie Serneholt

Elin Lanto


Bonnier Music

CJ Palmer

DA Buzz