ABC Charity is a Swedish non-profit empowerment organisation creating the world’s largest art project for charity. We create EMPOWERING EVENTS for thousands of kids around the world during which we, together with the kids create the first ever human alphabet photographed from an aerial view. The photo art is sold to benefit local and global charities, enabling the kids to support other kids.


The Story

Filip Cederholm Agoo was an established advertising photographer based out of Stockholm, Sweden. He was working with the top brands around the world creating flashy campaigns that were pushed globally.

Tired of selling sugar to kids and retouching pimples, he closed his production studio and went off with a backpack to travel the world. He asked himself, could art change the world? And the answer was yes – it could! He has since then, dedicated his time, money and photography to establish ABC Charity during the last 9 years.


Kids Helping Kids

We create empowering photography events for thousands of kids around the world together with sponsors, photographers, the local community and of course all the kids.

The letters created by the kids are sold in the ABC Charity webshop as limited edition photo art , and 100% of the revenue (after print and transaction fees) are covered, is forwarded to a charity of the buyers choice, always a minimum of 90% of the total sales price. DHL is shipping free of charge all over the world and ABC Charity charges nothing for the services thanks to generous pro-bono partners.

We register 1-5 kids charities in all countries we produce a letter in our webshop. These are the organisations the buyer can choose from when purchasing the letters in the shop.

ABC Charity is a very important project, I hope you succeed!
— Archbishop Desmond Tutu

When all prints are sold they will have raised 115,7 million USD for different children’s charities around the world.